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cover2Zachariah Ballinger is Amazon’s bestselling author of the book, The Hot Seat:  How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era In Job Interviewing

For 14 years he’s helped high schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, corporations, and companies reach their true potential and discover purpose & passion. He’s spoken to thousands of students and professionals at conferences, colleges, companies, seminars, and training events.

Featured regularly at The University of Tennessee, Zachariah has also been featured by the Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, Tri-City Times, Morgan County News, Jane Jackson Careers, and several other key outlets.

Zachariah Ballinger is a motivational speaker, author, and career consultant. He speaks on topics including career development, job interviewing, passion & purpose, overcoming obstacles, leadership, and sales.

He's a dynamic speaker that can relate to anyone from students to working professionals needing a boost of energy. From the stage Zachariah brings a passion that is contagious, an energy that’s undeniable, and innovative ideas that work in today’s new complex world.

Zachariah holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee. He has 14 years of experience in sales, leadership, motivational speaking, training, and career development. He resides in Atlanta, GA.